Best Way To Sync DSLR Video Clips To Standalone Audio Clips?

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      I wanted to get some input on how you guys sync your DSLR clips to your separate Audio clips with the least amount of headache invlolved?

      In my personal experience, I've used:
      – Singular Software's PluralEyes

      – FCP X's "synch selected clips" option

      – The traditional "manually sync/align the clapper board/ light flash/ hand clap to your audio"

      Any other ideas or which one of these do you guys find the best to use?

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      I just have a clapperboard app on my phone and a tablet. It's important though to use one with the flash of white at the sound to have something visual to line up the wave form spike to. 

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      Good point. That's usually my best practice too.


      Call me crazy, but I just can't understand how we've advanced in almost EVERY field of production, except for the ability to "instantly sync" our video clips before we enter our NLE of choice.


      It kind of drives me insane since it's such a time consuming task. Especially when you're shooting 20 interviews at a time, like me. 


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      My main camera is an FS-100. Although I do some DSLR work you wouldn't catch me pulling off interviews in volume like that with them. I would pull my hair out and I have so little of it left.


      What I used to do before having the FS-100 and having a clapper app was go ahead and record the audio to the camera as well. Even though it would turn out horrible, having several audio peaks in the timeline to match up with sped things up. I actually still use my H4N quite a bit and match up with a lav that's on the FS for fuller sound.


      One other important tip though is to speak the details of the shot and take number into the audio recorder/mic if you can and keep good notes of the shoot. I've messed that up a few times and spent an hour or two looking for the clip that matched. It's what finally forced me into adapting a good media asset management workflow that I never skip anymore, no matter how small the project.

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      I know we were chatting about audio/video sync a few months ago and I just wanted to give you an update:

      I ended up connecting with a development team to create a new application called "DreamSync", which is now a direct competitor with PluralEyes.


      It's currently in beta and we're taking pre-orders, but I thought I'd just shoot this over your way so you could check it out and let me know your initial thoughts from our demo.


      The DreamSync Blog


      Let me know what you think!

      Talk soon,


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      Woody …  Would you mind describing the asset management workflow you use. lt sounds like one of those "Oh, I just KNEW I should have been doing that!" solutions.  Thank you.

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