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      I’m new here, so if my topic is in the wrong place. Sorry!

      Just started with video. Bought me a nice rig, and now i’m exploring the posibilities and the best way to work.

      I’m a produce music for a living, so there are a lot of things i already know.

      My equipment:

      – Panasonic GH5 with V log upgrade
      – Atomos Ninja inferno (Dnxhr unlocked)
      – DJI Ronin M
      – Premiere Pro CS6

      My goal is to shoot quality 4k, and record it in my Ninja Inferno using DNxHR. Apart from getting to know the camera and finding out what the best settings would be, I struggle with getting my footage in PP CS6 in the right way. The Ninja Inferno records perfectly. But I had to download Avids DNxHD/HR codecs, and install them. So far i managed to get it done. It’s possible to import DNxHR in PP CS6.

      What my main question is: how do I create a project file for this settings? In my PP CS6 if i select new project, there are no sequence settings for 4k or avid codecs. I can make a custom preset, but in video preview i cant find a quicktime nor avid codec (apart from the fact that i cant choose any avid presets and thus start guessing the file format etc.)

      The result is making a project file with not optimal settings, importing a DNxHR file (that part works), and having a stuttering and unsharp image (probably a mismatch in codec or settings?)

      Anyone here who can advise me on what to do? (no, getting an other hobby is not what i’m after… haha)

      And is there a workaround for CS6 PP to use luts for my images?



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      Premiere Pro CS6 doesn’t support 4K, as it came along before the wide use of 4K. Premiere Pro in the current Creative Cloud subscription plan will support 4K and a subscription to just PPRo is around $20/month.

      If you’re creating a custom project in CS6, save it under a generic name such as “4K Template” or with a configured sequence but without any assets, then open it and save it under a name that relates to the project you’re starting. I keep an “untitled” project on my desktop that I often use for quick projects and do this frequently.

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      This still suggests that format isn’t handled well by premiere. Although CC is happy enough with 4K to not require any special treatment of most file types, CS6 is only maintained as the last product you could actually buy – and support for new features is now waning – it’s just too old!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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