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      Hello guys,

      I know most users here are professionals with lots of skills and experience, so anyway, I just wanted to ask what’s your advice on the best editing software for someone who just want to edit not so professional shot clips but want to get great results with the decent work and time put on project?

      I’ve seen a few number of free applications but they’re just disappointing. I need some great software with affordable price and great functionality.

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      Look at Sony Movie Studio 13. You can download a free trial and see how you like it. As your skills evolve you can move up to Sony Vegas Pro without having a stiff learning curve.

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      Good advice, Jack. I started with AVS4You and get stuck using it for quick edits because I used it first. But to start with SMS13 is a better way to go. I would probably be more proficient in Vegas 12/13 if I had your advice a few years back.

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      sam smith

      I am not pretty sure about Format factory but yes, it allows you to change the particular video in many formats like mp3, AVG, mp4, etc with different resolutions.

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      I agree with Jack on Sony Movie Studio 13 and Vegas Pro.
      I think HD formats have put a strain on almost all video editing software.
      Corel Video Studio worked well for easy short projects and Pinnacle for more advanced stuff but when I started burning Blu-ray they both went south on several of my computers.
      I got sick of hearing about tech specs and bought an Erazer gaming computer with overclocking and advanced graphics capability but still could not burn Blu-ray.
      Even tried several different burners.
      Finally tried Sony MS 13 and am happy with it so far.
      Like the idea of building my own menu templates.
      But I cannot imagine what will happen when I start editing my 3D footage.
      Lots of good comments in this forum. thanks all.

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Viewing 5 reply threads
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