Best Video Editing Software For This?

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      Hello everyone. I’m trying to figure out the best video editing software to make a video like this:

      As you can see, nothing too complicated. Just want to have an image, letters with boxes around them (as in the video), and background sound.

      Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks.

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      I’m going to assume you’re new to editing, but any consumer type editing app can handle a simple video such as the example you provided. Essentially, the video consists of a collection of stills with titles laid over the images. Sony Movie Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Corel – all are entry level programs that have much the same functions. Most of these are under $50.

      You might even find some apps on that allow for a free trial and you can edit during the free trial period.

      Make sure any images you use are large in size, at least 500 x 500 or thereabouts. If you use small images, they will pixelate when enlarged in the edit program.

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