Best video camera with viewfinder?

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      It has been a really long time since I bought a video camera. My last camcorder was a Sony DCR-TRV350 Hi8. Still works great too. But I want to get something that can film in 1080P quality now that has zoom capabilities (I have a sports cam, but it’s fixed at 170 degrees). The problem I have run into is that I can’t find a consumer level camera with a viewfinder. I don’t know who came up with this idea of LCD screens (only) for video cameras, but I have a few choice words for them.

      Here a couple questions.

      1. Are modern P&S cameras that can do both pictures and video as good as a dedicated camcorder? I see a lot of cameras that look like DSLRs (but are actually Point and Shoots), that boast of HD video and have zoomable lenses up to 60x optical, and I can actually find very few models of real Camcorders anymore (so maybe there is no need for them anymore). What are the pros and cons (if any) of these form factors when it comes to video.

      2. Is their a decent consumer level camcorder that has a viewfinder (eyepiece)? When I do a search, I find cameras in the $900 and up range. I do not consider that “Consumer level”. That is budget pro level at that price (at best). Consumer level in my opinion would be $300 or less. Heck I bought a DBpower SJ4000 Sports cam for $60 that takes astounding HD 1080p video. Surly I don’t have to spend a grand, just to get a viewfinder and a zoomable lens.

      Thanks in advance for the advice.

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      “Surly I don’t have to spend a grand, just to get a viewfinder and a zoomable lens.”

      You probably better start looking on eBay for something used then. A quick scan of B&H, for example, indicates there are no video cameras that meet your requirements under $800. DSLRs are a different story. I recently purchased a Nikon P900, for example, which has both an LCD screen and a view finder. While primarily a still camera it takes excellent HD video. It comes with a lens that is the 35mm equivalent of 28 to 2000mm and cost an unbelievable $560.

      It’s a great camera, at an excellent price. Would I replace my video cameras with it? No. It’s a specialized tool that happens to be able to shoot video as well as take stunning still pictures.

      So while I share your pain at not being able to find a camera with the features you want at an unrealistically low price, there are cameras that will take excellent video while lacking the features you’re looking for. You’ll have to settle for trying to keep the sun off the flip-out screen. You might take a look at and see if they make a sun hood for your camera. That will help.

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      Consider a Canon EOS Rebel T6. It’s a DSLR for Beginners and the EOs Rebel T6 is one of the best you can get for the novice category. It has all the power and performance of a top-notch DSLR without the spec-heavy weight of a professional-grade shooter. The T6 includes an ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to H: 12800) for solid performance under any lighting conditions. And it includes WiFi and NFC technology for sharing your images and quickly uploading them to hardware platforms.

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      If the size and weight for you are the most important, then you should look in the direction of mirrorless cameras from Olympus. In their cells they use a Micro Four Thirds size matrix (approximately 17.3×13 mm). This solution allows you to produce cameras and small-sized optics.

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      Electronic viewfinders and decent glass costs money. Have a look at a used Canon G25. Has a viewfinder and a 10x optical zoom.

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