Best Stage Curtain Color For Video?

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      I am helping to set up a small church for live video streaming. Currently the walls are bare, and an awful yellowish color. We want to put up stage curtains behind the podium, but I'm wondering what colors and materials are best. I was thinking a dark purple or blue, or even black velour. The room is about 40 x 30 ft and plenty of daylight coming throught the blinded windows. Flourescent ceiling lights and a track lighting strip for podium. 

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      Interesting question. You would want whatever material you choose to not reflect light, so velour would be good, except those velours that show the knap. Color is more difficult In that there is no right answer. If you choose black, or dark, or oppositely, white or light, you'll get some good contrast half the time. Think 'bride and groom' for a moment and you understand you'll lose one or the other in the background. Back lights would help. If you go for a deep blue or green you may find your whites and light skin tones 'pick up' that color. That leaves the browns and dark reds, burgundy-ish, to chose from. Try some material samples in your hall against congregation members dressed as you would normally record them. 

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