Best Setup For Street Interviews?

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      I am looking at creating “man on the street”-type interviews and would like to know the best setup, including a reasonably priced camera (with mic input) microphone, and any lighting (in necessary).

      Can someone kindly give me an overview on the equipment that would be good for this purpose?



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      In today’s world, you can shoot video with an iPhone or an Arri Alexa – depends on your budget and the intended usage of the raw video.

      If you opt to use a standard camcorder, one with XLR inputs will capture the best audio, assuming you connect a quality mic to it. Think Rode shotguns – they produce some of the best.

      Lighting may be necessary if you’re shooting in shadows. A simple camera-top light will usually do it.

      Take a look at B&H Photo and Video’s website. There’s a boatload of equipment there and decent user reviews. Check out their Explora section for more detailed information

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      What Ed said “… and the intended usage of the raw video.”
      Are you selling this or is it for your own use?
      Above all, Sound, SounD, SOUND.
      Most folks will watch shaky, out of focus, and poorly lit video if the sound is acceptable.
      Not saying you are going to shoot this way. πŸ™‚ Just sayin’

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