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      I would call myself "intermediate level." I've done a lot of reseach. But I'm stuck.


      I have a Sony HDR XR 520 camera.

      After first, I thought 108060i meant I would get 60 frames per second.


      It turns out that's 60 fields per second. And I get 30 frames frames per second instread.


      I'm ingesting the video without any transcoding and editing in Premiere Pro.


      My question: What timeline do I use?


      I want to use a 720 timeline to take advantage of scaling up the 1080 video without losing quality.


      But I only see 720p timelines. Does that mean I have to deinterlace the video? And if so how?


      Can I edit interlaced video on a progressive timeline?

      Since the video is 30p, does that mean it's already deinterlaced?


      I'm lost. I'm probably not making any sense. But I have done a lot of research. I don't know if I'm asking the right questions.






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      You should be using the AVCHD 1080i project

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