Best run and gun camera for around $1000

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      I am searching for the best run and gun type camera for around $1000.
      this could be either a DSLR (BODY ONLY) or a dedicated camcorder.
      I am an experienced filmmaker but i usually rent equipement for my proffesional work.
      I can go overbudget but $1350 to $1450 is about my maximum.
      I need a good LCD screen because i don’t want an external monitor.
      I DON’T need 4K.
      I need the screen to be able to fully articulate, so I can film myself sometimes.
      Reliability is something very important for me, with reliability I mean: Good autofocus, solid body, no overheating, good battery life, decent low-light capabilities…
      Wheather sealing would also be nice.

      I’ve been looking into the panasonic GH4, but the autofocus is probably not good enough for my run and gun documentary style of shooting.

      I’ve also considered the canon 80D because of it’s good autofocus, wheather sealing, lens options and reliability.

      Thanks for sharing your toughts with me


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      I think the GH4 is a great camera for you. 1) With run and gun you might not always have perfect framing. The 4K allows you to crop and follow subject without losing quality. 2) correct that autofocus isn’t the best or fastest, however, with practice can get your thumbs working and get better focus. Takes practice to not shake camera, but right thumb on touch screen to change focus point following your subject, then instead of autofocus, put it on button focus, then constantly push focus button as needed with left thumb. This is better focus than most better autofocus cameras. Also can use a very fast shutter speed for sharp frames, or slower for better motion filming. Not many cameras have this feature. 3) Certainly meets your requirements for weather sealing. 4) Small size and weight are good for run and gun. No sense having a small camera if lens is large and heavy. The Panasonic and Olympus lenses are lightweight but excellent glass, edge to edge. Interchangeable lenses are a great feature. 5) Fully articulating monitor satisfies requirement for viewing yourself, and for using low or high camera angles. 6) Definitely rugged and reliable. 7) Video quality is excellent and used by many for documentaries and low budget films. 8) It’s now out for years and proven reliability. 9) Many praise its ergonomic and intuitive controls. Quick learning curve. 9) Battery is OK, but can add double battery base, or XLR and SDI base for excellent sound recording. Only negative on GH4 is that the GH5 has been rumored to come out for the last year or more. Now most bets are for Sept, but that’s pure conjecture. IF GH5 does come out, make the GH4 your B-roll camera and use same lenses and accessories. But you know your needs best and have the experience to make a good decision. I’m just seconding your GH4 consideration.

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