Best low light camcoder under $300?

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      Hi guys,

      I’m looking for a camcoder that I can use in low light conditions … everything I could find online is over 1-2k, but I’m sure there’s something acceptable for less. I use a GoPro now for some streaming/filming but it’s pretty bad in low light so I’d like to replace it. Ideally the camera would be able to:

      – Film Full HD with 30fps (I don’t need more. Even HD would do)
      – Film 2-3h on battery
      – Perform well with low light (e.g. in the evening on the streets in the city, with only the road lights … you get the idea).
      – Have HDMI output, so I can use it for live streaming.
      – Have some optical zoom (don’t need a lot … 3x or so will likely do)
      – Costs $300 or so, not much more
      – I don’t care much of the quality of the sound, I’m using it for video mostly.


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      I think the best fit to your requirements is Sony HDRPJ440 PJ Handycam Camcorder.
      It’s full HD 1080p, there is sharing via WiFi with built in USB, multi camera control and you can broadcast Live with it. Just google and you will find cheap offers of this wonderful camera.

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