Best lenses for Canon C100 Mark II?

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      Dear all,


      With a lot of pleasure I'm filming for years with my Canon XF100. Mostly I do educational video's, interviews and impressions from educational events. See for examples and


      I'm now looking at buying the Canon C100 Mark II. The quality of the image strikes me and the low light possibilities are a step up from my XF100. Besides the XF100 I use my Canon 70D. I own some lenses, including a L-serie (70-200mm).


      I'm wondering what lens would be the best to buy with the C100. I'm looking for:

      • – 24-105 f/4.0 L IS USM
      • – 18-135 IS STM


      The price difference is no issue for me (it's a bit when you buy them together with the camera). I think the STM is better with the facial AF. Anybody experience or ideas about the best lens for my kind of video with the C100 in mind? Any ideas or opinions are more than welcome because for me this is an important step forward (and an expensive one).


      Thanks in advance,


      Marcel de Leeuwe (The Netherlands)

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