Best Lense for Wedding with a Canon 7D

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      Hi! I'm a new here. Looks like a nice community 🙂


      I started wedding movie this year. So far i use my panasonic tm-900 with my gopro2 and a sony camera for other angle in the church which is very nice.

      I wanted more, so i just bought a canon 7d. So i'm new in the world of dlsr.


      I only have the 50mm 1.8 for now, but checking for other lense. I was wondering what's the best to use. I will do 75% video and 25% picture. I dont want to much lense 2 or 3 max.

      i plan using a shoulder rig and maybe a follow focus too, but can use a tripod too.


      Do i need absolutely stabilisation on my lense?


      My first choice was a tamron 17-50 2.8 VC. I read in review the VC is less sharp in picture,.but since video is only 2 mp  does this matter? Can you tell the difference in sharpeness on video mode on a lense VC or non-VC? 


      prime lense ? Sigma 30 mm 1.4 ? is this good?


      for the zoom i really dont know. I look the 70-200 lense and find it pretty big, but still there is the stabilisation is necessery? tamron, sigma , canon…?? im looking only at 2.8 lense. F4 is too dark in church for sure.


      that the video part. Now for picture i just want a good over all lense sharp. That why i was wondering if i will not put  more money on a 17-55 IS 2.8 from canon so i can do video and picture with the same lense, cause the tamron VC for picture look bad. So many questions…..


      thank for reading, i need help here.





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