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      My name is Jai and I make video's for my company using the windows movie makers which I found severely limited. I am looking for a free video maker which is easy to use (easy learning curve) yet provides some advance functionality and can be used to produce corporate films. Generally We cover the company's special events in video clips and organize them with narration and titles. I am looking for something that is less intimidating to use yet allows us to create high quality stuff.

      Thanks in advance


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      There's not a whole lot out there that's free. Several programs are available many not significantly better than Windows Movie Maker. You might take a look at Lightworks, and at the article at for more ideas. If you are producing corporate films, however, you really should be prepared to spend a little money for decent software.

      Take a look at Corel VideoStudio, which I consider a good entry level editor. It's available from $50 to 90 dollars on Amazon and well worth the money. The program is easy to learn and provides a very powerful tool set for editing. I've used several Corel products over the years and found them all to be of good quality and well supported. There is good support available on YouTube and from Corel if you need help. Once you're comfortable editing with a program such as VideoStudio you might feel consider taking on a free super power program like Resolve, or moving on to software you purchase such as Premiere or Vegas.

      Whatever you choose, a determining factor should be on-line support, either a forum such as the one we're on now or tutorials on YouTube or the software publisher's web site.

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      Davinci Resolve and Blender, both free and very capable.

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      1) Openshot (, it’s an Opensource video editing software that supports almost all features for a semi-pro editor.
      2) VirtualDub(free) ( is still available for download so you can use that as well.
      3) Kdenlive ( is the best option if you are looking for feature like Premiere Pro or other pro software.

      Please, don’t forget to check out videos edited with the help of these software to make a final decision.

      Hope this helps.

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      Hitfilm express is nice

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