Best format, frame rate for DVD?

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      I’m shooting a short year-end program for a preschool that I’ll edit in Premiere Pro and burn to DVD for parents. My camcorder is a Sony HDR-CX900. My format options appear to be “Standard Quality” and “High Quality” AVCHD. My frame options are 60i, 60p and 24p.

      These may seem like dumb questions, but:

      1. Will Premiere Pro handle AVCHD ok? I’ve only ever used camcorders that save in mp4.
      2. I’m new to this 60p/i thing. I’ve only ever worked with 30. If my final product is DVD, which frame rate should I shoot in? Will it downconvert?

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      60i is just NTSC interlace. With 60i you are shooting 1080 interlace at 30 frames/60 fields per second. 60p just means 1080 progressive at 60 frames per second, which gives you smoother action than 30 progressive frames per second. And 24p means that the camera records at film rate. So it gives you a look that mimics the look of film; unless you are shooting a dramatic production, I would avoid this for a preschool video.

      For your production I would recommend, unless you have plans to post it on the web somewhere, shooting at 60i. With DVD you are going to be down scaling the video to 480i60, so 1080i60 is just fine.

      I use Premiere Pro myself and I would recommend converting the AVCHD to another format, or even just converting it to a standard-def format, like DV-AVI, and work with it that way, as AVCHD is a resources hog, due to its heavy compression.

      Personally I would go with “High Quality”, as that will give you the highest quality, even when you downconvert to DVD’s 480i. It’s like back in the old days of analog, if you were using S-VHS to shoot, but going to VHS, you would still want to shoot the S-VHS in SP over SLP/EP, as the SP would give you an even better picture on VHS than a S-VHS SLP/EP recording.

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