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      I am fairly new to video production and editing and I would be interested to hear any suggestions regarding the best format for DVD playback. I live in the UK and have just started with Sony Vegas Pro 11. It has a bewildering choice of output formats but which is the best for me? With my last project I rendered in mxf but found that the file would not play on my PC. I re-rendred in m2ts but one of my plug-ins (NewBlue Titler Pro 2.0) did not render at all. This may of course be a seperate issue but in the mean time any information/suggestions would be much appreciated 

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      If you have Pro 11, you also have DVD Architect.

      DVD authoring is very specific and ideally wants to see an MPEG-2 file for your video and an AC-3 file for your audio.

      Render both to the same folder and give both the same name.

      That way, when you load your video file into DVD Architect, the audio file will automatically follow.

      Since your new to this, use the Vegas supplied presets for this until you're ready to start customizing to maximize your quality.



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