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      I would like your opinion on the best video lights for a white background. The effect that i want to achieve is the famous Apple white. I think i already managed to achieve good results, as you can see here



      The only problem now is that the lights i own are not powerful enough. So when i shoot the background is not pure white. I have to raise it in post, which means i also have to underexpose a little the talent during the shootin order not to have it overexposed it in post.


      Do you know which are the best and most powerful flourescent lights available? I am confused, also because many brands don't indicate their CRI values or lumen values.



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      i recommend you to try this lighting kit from flolight. it comes with three light fixtures and three 6′ light stands. This is the kit we used in the video shoot for the same aatmosphere.

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      which one….?

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      oh…sorry i didnt represented the model name.


      that is

      This kit comes with,
      3 FL-110HMD non-dimmable 5400K fixtures. 3 LSLD 6 light stands.


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      Two things here. The brightness of the background and the brightness of the subjects should be lit by totally separate sources, so you have control. However, you need to get brightness up because the whites need to crush at the top, so any small blemishes and creases don't get seen. You can overexpose with decent cameras, but this may mean having to reduce the subject brightness – none of these things really work for you.


      Your clip is pretty good. What are you using at the moment? maybe just double up on the quantity? Yoru subject looks pretty good, so you are nearly there.

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