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      I want to start off this question by saying I know little to nothing about the editing process and file format and things of that nature. I mostly have directed or filmed a few short films. They were all for online competitions but I am starting to get a little more serious and am wanting to film something for a festival that would actually show submissions at an event.

      I have a sony a6000 that I will be using mostly, with a pretty good lens, and the file format options are mp4, XAVC S and AVCHD.

      Which file format is best for quality on a large theater screen? Are there any file formats that are typically not accepted by film festivals? When using editing software (for importing and exporting) will I have to convert the files to a different format if I use a certain format when shooting? If so, which format will have the least amount of quality lost?

      Lastly, I know a lot of films require your film to be in HDCAM format? Which file formats are compatible with this and which would you recommend using so the quality loss is minimal?
      Sorry for so many questions and I hope this makes a little bit of sense. Again, I don’t know much about this!

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