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      Hi to all. If I shoot HD MOV footage and edit in PPro, then hit queue to export , this becomes a
      MPEG4 file (which is good, right?) but the 28 min video is 5.25GB! Is this ok? It is taking hours to upload to YouTube (private on my channel so client can view). Is this size acceptable or should I be trying to make it smaller? And how do you supply to client? Thumbdrive?
      And I would appreciate some advice about how to export/upload/deliver video to client.
      Many thanks

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      It really depends on what the client wants and how the client expects to use the video. DVD is still widely requested; it plays well on a TV, on computer and in a projection system. Format for this is .mp2

      Some clients request video on a thumb drive. The advantage of this is that the drive is very portable. The downside is that some thumb drives do not pass data fast enough for video to play well. I always suggest that clients download files on a thumb drive to their computer for playback. .mp4 and .avi are good candidates for thumb drives. An hour of .avi will require a 16gb drive.

      Some clients may require their video delivered on a hard drive. This is especially true if the client intends to edit the material. .mp4 and .avi work well here as well.

      And finally, don’t overlook using Dropbox or a similar cloud service for delivery.

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