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      Hi, I planning to do a video shoot for a couple for their upcoming wedding at a local beach soon God willing. But I want to be ready I have a canon 70d. what is the best lens to use for the video shoot ? what setting should I use while we are at the beach filming. I would like to film the sun setting for the day while we are at the beach what lens shoud I use. I plan to take shots while they are walking, laughing, and do an interview with them. As a beginner is canon 70D the best DLSR TO USE and I PLANNING use a shoulder rig while we are at the beach. for video what is the best DSLR CAMERA TO USE FOR weddings, interview, and other events? thank you

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      Kevin Mc

      There is no one answer to your questions. The best DSLR, is the one you can afford, which carries the right specifications for your ongoing work (thinking beyond the scope of the upcoming wedding. Then you have to consider lenses. If your shooting video, the lenses must have some form of optical image stabilization built in. You might consider a camera with good focal tracking features, to keep moving targets (like the couple walking towards or away from you) in focus. As the sun sets, you’ll be looking for additional lighting, and a wider apperature lens. Personally, I would take your Canon 70D down to the beach some night before the event and shoot a ton of test footage. It’s a decent camera and should get the job done. If your going to use audio from the camera, get a good mic. On-camera mics are garbage.

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      I am from Video Production Company in India, I will suggest you the best camera Canon Eos 700d. You can easily use this camera.


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      Thomas Olsen

      Best DSLR depends on your budget. Whether you are a canon lover or Nikon lover a camera that suits your budget will be the best. For portrait I love 50mm f/1.2.

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      It’s not just the DSLR, but the cameraman – Although I have two DSLRs we use for stills, I cannot use them for video – nothing to do with the quality, but because I wear varifocal glasses and cannot ever seem to get the camera to the right angle for the distance, and most of the advantages of mobility in the small footprint/high quality housing just don’t work in my favour, so I still use a proper video camera, with rotatable LCD and side viewfinder I really cannot see me ever using a DSLR, unless maybe on a tripod, locked off.

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      Thomas Olsen

      Of course cameraman plays the vital role here. A nice framing idea from a good photographer can change the whole picture.

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      Here’s how I got started… I just watched tons of AWESOME video, and practiced copying shots I liked. However, I wish someone had told me in the beginning of the importance of putting a camera on sticks and getting solid shots! Might I suggest spending some time over at Creative Live. I learned so much there!

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      Yesterday we had done wedding shoot i think you also buy Canon Eos 700d it’s a best camera for capture best memories.

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      A camera is a just a tool, You can make wonders even with an iPhone camera.


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