Best camera for 120fps/720p video?

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      I did a quick search on the subject but couldn't really find what i was looking for so i'm reaching out to you guys for help. I shoot lots of extreme sports, rally races etc. And my current hardware that i use is Canon XA10 and Gopro Hero3. Now i need to find a affordable(max 700$) camera that can shoot 120fps/720p video. I know my hero3 can do that but it has no zoom and the picture it produces has a fish-eye effect.


      The best option i found by now is Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7. Any better suggestions?



      PS. I apologize for the bad language, i'm from Finland so my english is not perfect 😉

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      First of all, your English is fine–much better than my Finnish! 😉


      I'd recommend the Lumix you mentioned–it gets some of the better video out there. I use a similar camera when shooting places where my Panasonic AC130 won't go. The Canon S110 is a comparable camera that has some nice features, as well. I like the Lumix, because it takes an optional viewfinder. It's biggest drawback is a limited zoom range.


      Sound won't be great, but it's fairly easy these days to get good sound on a Tascam or Zoom audio recorder and mix in post.


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      The Panasonic FZ200 is probably a better choice for 720/120p slow motion (720/100p in Europe).  It has an external mic jack, a constant f2.8 lens and a 24x zoom range.  You can get this camera for less than 400€ at Amazon DE.


      Here is what this camera can do at 720/120p:





      Hope this is helpful!



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      I think i'll buy the FZ200 since the size of the camera isn't a problem and the 24x zoom is something i think i will find useful. Thank you for your responses 🙂

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