Best Camcorder for a Video Podcast??

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      I will be doing a Video Podcast and trying to decide between a DSLR Canon Rebel T6i or a Canon VIXIA R700. I need a camera that has a good mic input that I can plug my mixer into, for the 4 mics used. What is the best for a Podcast the Will work well?? I also want to sync 2 cameras together to switch screens in post production.

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      If it was me doing the podcast, I’d go with the Vixia. As a standard camcorder, it will have auto focus and a deeper depth-of-field than the Rebel. It will also have somewhat better audio than the Rebel, but syncing two cameras is done in post production, not in the cameras. You should plan on recording audio on a separate device such as a Zoom H4n and syncing the audio track to the camera audio during post. A separate device for audio will capture a higher quality audio track than either of the cameras mentioned.

      Some of the newer entry level editing programs now have multi-camera functionality and a few offer audio sync. Check out the various editing programs such as Pinnacle or Sony Vegas.

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