Best book to learn DSLR videography from start to finish? (including filming/post-production)

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      Any suggestions for a good book that teaches DSLR videography. Everything from filming to post-production. I'm using a t2i and Adobe Premiere/after effects. I'm willing to switch programs if the book requires me to. I have no knowledge of post-production and minimal knowledge of filming.

      I'm not looking to start a videography business, just would like to learn. I keep having to patch together information from many resources and it would be awesome to have something to build a good foundation.


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      Hi umar – the best value for your money is probably "Digital SLR Video and Filmmaking for Dummies", which you can download to Kindle for $16.49.  It covers everything from writing your script, to pre-production, to shooting with your DSLR, to post-production and editing with Adobe Premiere.


      Hope this is close to what you're looking for – and good luck!



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      AvatarDamian Lloyd

      Ryan Koo has an ebook (PDF) called "The DSLR Cinematography Guide" that's a pretty good introduction / survey of the subject. If you go to and scroll to the end of the page, you can get the ebook by subscribing to his mailing list.


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      I'd add to the previous comments–look at the resources available on this site. There are a number of videos that cover videography with a DSLR, and they are quite good.

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