best bet for royalty free media?

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      i am looking for reccomendations for royalty free music type programs that will be a decent value and have little issues for youtube…any info will be helpful

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      AvatarJackson Wong

      But it really depends on what direction you are taking your YouTube-bound videos. Are you doing wedding highlights, nature documentaries, short narratives?


      If you're not looking to sell your video, you'll have a lot more options. is one of my favorites.

      If you've got a budget and want some top quality work, has some music I've considered purchasing for leisure listening.


      And you can't go wrong reading the buyer's guide on music libraries,


      If you give a videographer stock music he (or she) is going to ask if you have any stock footage, and for that you'll want to see the December 2012 stock media buyer's guide (link pending publishing,


      As with any footage or music that you do not create yourself, read up on the usage rights and follow the rules!




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      I have an extensive library from Dgital Juice. The have two older collections called Back Trax. 1 & 2. Right now it is on their webste for 59.95 each. Lots of tracks on each one.  

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      Music Bakery has been around for quite a while and has dozens of CDs to select from, many of which have quite useable tracks. Music 2Hues is another good resource.


      I believe that with both companies you can preview all the cuts to get what you need.

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      thanks for the info, good place to start looking…thinking about it im wondering if i can find a program simular to "soundtrack" that mac had with finalcut a few years back…

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      i should be back in the seattle area in about 3 weeks or so, look forward to it &^^&

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