Best audio recording for Canon T3i

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      Ok so I know I need to record audio separately to an external source from video to achieve the best video and audio results. Basically what do I need equipment wise to achieve the results. I have a Dolica Mic that I bought for $50, but it has a very noticeable hiss sound that I'm not too found of…


      Do I need a preamp? An external recorder such as the Zoom H1?  I really want to invest in a wireless mic as well.


      Any recommendations would be greatly be appreciated!

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      Can you give more specifics on what it is you're recording?

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      The Zoom H1 is a great little digital audio recorder. I use it a lot with my canon t5i.  I use the little soft pouch that you can buy in the accessory kit.  This pouch has a velcro belt clip so it's easy to attach to a persons belt, I then run a small Sony clip-on mic up under the talent's shirt to hide the wire. The sound is amazing quality for the price of this set-up.  It's almost like having a wireless microphone, except you have the extra chore of syncing the audio with the video in post production.

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      For a crystal clean and clear sound, highly recommend the following combination:

      1) juiceLink RA222 – It's main strength is its preamp. This model has 2 XLR inputs and a headphones output.

      2) Sennheiser ew 100 ENG system. Although a bit pricey, they do deliver a crystal clear audio to any video or DSLR recorder.


      I use this combination for my happy Canon 70D camera (which does not have a headphones out). The sound is crystal clean and clear. . . professional grade.

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      StanDan Pro

      I agree with Edward ..


      Sennheiser has great mics … a little pricey but it is far better to invest now in a good set of wireless mics then to suffer the consequences of "saving money" only to lose it with an unhappy client or a crappy production.


      We use the Zoom H4N to do all our recordings (has 2 XLR or 1/4 in inputs)





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      I had a Canon 70d.


      What is the better option to make videos (cost benefit):


      Seenheiser MKE-600 
      Rode NTG-2 
      Rode NTG-4+ 

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      I have Canon 7d from past 3 years with a Rode Video Mic Pro, which is amazing.


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      I want to record interviews and use a wireless mic when someone is demonstrating an exercise. 

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      What is the name of the wireless mic you use? I wouldn't need a preamp?

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