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      So I have been making YouTube videos, and I do a little bit of editing, but as I do more and more, I see that my animations for movements of still images either are too slow or too fast. I have tried as much as I can, but it is always consistent.

      I mainly use text, so how many frames would you guys suggest for a fade in for a normal text, so that it doesn’t just *pop* on the screen. Plus how many frames would you suggest it would ¨Run¨ off the screen quickly, but not almost instantly.

      I think my issue mainly is the fact, being new, I am afraid of the user not being able to see it, so I want to make the movements fluent.

      My software:
      Vegas 13
      Adobe Master Collection

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      Hello SwitchedBlade, your question is not correct, I think should ask for frame rate. You can make animation using 24FPS, 25FPS or 30FPS. But I think you really should always animate with 24fps in mind. 24 is not only used because it relates to the fps of film but it is also a lot easier to work with.

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