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      Hello everyone, happy I found this forum.

      I am currently shooting with a Sony Handycam HDR-PJ710 from 2012. I feel that it is time to upgrade as this is for work.

      I been eyeing some cameras, one I keep hearing about is the Panasonic G7 with 4K.

      Now to give you some background of what I do, basically I review sneakers for my website. To see my setup now, here is a link to the latest video:

      As you can see, it’s not really “action” although in the future I will be doing performance reviews where there will be segments of either playing basketball, running, etc in.

      I feel the camera I have now isn’t that great so suggestions would be great!

      I really do not want to exceed the $1,500 price range, but if there is something you could recommend me that is a bit higher, I would be open to it.

      On a sidenote, is 4K the way to go? I have read some people saying no, while others yes. I want the highest quality possible that shows off the details.

      Thanks in advance.

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      AvatarBruce Carlson

      I use the Sony AX-100 to shoot 4K. I selected it on price and also because I use it underwater and I needed a relatively compact camera. I love 4K because the scenes are incredibly sharp. I, and just about everyone else, views everything in 1080, so I can crop each 4K shot quite a bit if necessary and still end up with great 1080P. Downside to 4K is that you need more horsepower to edit on your computer, and lots more storage space

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      It’s remarkable that everything you review is always the best. You probably only have one or 2 other 4k cameras to compare it to…

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      Wow that’s incredible! Did you shot the video?

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      AvatarBruce Carlson

      Yes, and my wife shot the photos (Canon 7D MII, Ikelite housing). Glad you liked it. Thanks.

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      Achieving 4k images can be easily done by usin action cameras. Canon 7D produce great shots but im leaning on a more handy handheld cams.

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      4K? why? I have a sub £100 chinese 4K gopro type. It’s great, produces files 4 times the size of 1080 and the only real advantage is you can crop and end up with something still useful. In terms of quality, however – you still have the same lens, the same glass, the same processing – just more pixels. Is it really necessary for a youtube deliverable product, because for the same money you can get 1080 with better glass, better sensor, more features and a lot better camera to use for other things. The format may well be 4K – but that means very little sometimes. After youtube have mangled it, 4K doesn’t really mean very much.

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      I totally agree with @paulears, you can check yourselves just to be sure. Watch the video by in 720P & then do the same at different resolutions, you’ll notice that the details don’t change quality wise & 4k has an entirely different purpose (Cropping).

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      AvatarBruce Carlson

      One question: what is the resolution on the monitor when you view 1080 vs. 4K? I bought a 4K monitor now that I’m using the AX100 and I can see a big difference between 1080 and 4K. I like the option of having clips in 4K quality because I’ve seen so many changes since I started shooting in 1996 with the Sony VX1000 in standard definition. Every few years everything is nearly obsolete (in terms of selling anything). I’m hoping I can keep some of my new shots salable longer in 4K, plus I still have the option to use them or crop them to 1080 for everything else.

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      Panasonic Lumix Fz80 is a very good camera which comes 4k recording.The best part is that it cost only some 400 bucks, which is a great price for a 4K camera. I used it for a year almost and then moved to Canon EOS 80D as recommend by popular guys.In case you need more options, you can check this list :

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      The reality is that the handicam is a much more friendly camera – you can rotate the lcd and view from any angle – something DSLRs are rubbish at without external monitors, and most have pretty average audio too. Undoubtedly a DSLR and proper glass give much better image quality than the handicams, which are compromise products really, but that’s how it is now – a list of features for each one and you pick the set that matches your needs, ignoring the ones that don’t.

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      I can’t figure out how to post, this is a test. If this line eventually posts, I apologize for it having nothing to do with the topic.

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      My favorite 4K camera for YouTube goes to Sony FDR-AX33. I’ve been using this camera to shoot my YouTube videos for the past 2 years and it’s great! It’s compact and very easy to carry around with, video quality is great. Best part about this camera is the NightShot mode, you get fantastic footage even in low light conditions. Other features like flip screen, wifi and NFC enabled for remote control are just perfect for YouTube videos.

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