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      HDSLR Shoulder Rig Introduction Video


      Hi all,
      I hope this is okay to post here.  I made a new video to try to help videographers who are interested in shooting with DSLR and are investigating HDSLR rigs. A year ago (when I was researching DSLR rigs) I would have loved to have found a video like this.  I'm not selling anything, or making any money off of this.  Just trying to "Pay it Forward" to help others.   
      I hope this helps.
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      Actually, that's really great. I spent too much of last Saturday on-line looking for DSLR matte box/ follow focus kits to try to figure what's important, what's a good deal, what people are using and what they say. D|Focus and Adorama had some good info and videos but it's nice to have an independent view point. thx!

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      My pleasure Bruce. Thanks for the reply. There are quite a few options out there.  Some are ridiculously overpriced and others are ridiculously under-performing.


      Obviously, I ended up with the Lanparte follow focus and I don't regret it a bit.  I started with a Konova/Digital Juice follow focus and it was terrible.  Cost the same as the Lanparte.


      If you are interested in Lanparte, go to  They are in China, which is always a bit scary to buy from that far away, but after several purchases I can actually say that it is a pleasure to do business with Cool LCD.  Their name-brand products are really good too for even less money.  


      The Matte Box in the video is from Konova/Digital Juice and it really stinks.  I will be replacing it as soon as I get a few bucks.  


      Right now I am very interested in the Lanparte Carbon Fiber mattebox, but I am also in love with the Shoot35 Cinebox.  (


      Thanks again,



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      That was great Matt, I've been looking at the rig hardware trying to work out where to start, Price Vs quality level's – I'd love to get more pros/cons, did you have many items you wern't happy.


      More please when you have time ~ pete

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      Just looking at the Lanparte stuff now – quite a selection of articulating arms too, thx

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      Hi Youtubeforbusiness…


      yep, I did a LOT of research, made what I thought was a great price v performance purchase of a full rig with a case, and was sorely disappointed.  I bought a Konova branded rig (which I now know is a generic third-party rig that many companies are selling) that was a massive mistake.  Digital Juice now sells the same rig, and I'm really dissapointed in DJ for this.  The hardware was third-rate, the matte-box is clunky, the follow focus wheel falls off and has a massive amount of dead-space which makes the focus stops irrelevant, the handles cannot be tightened sufficiantly and slip…..  Piece by piece I started replacing the Konava rig with Lanparte parts.  Lanparte is still relatively unknown in the USA and there are no real distributors here, but the few reviews I had found about the Lanparte seemed like good, affordable hardware.  I have been absolutely thrilled with all of the Lanparte pieces I've bought.  Absolutely excellent price v performance.  Well thought out designs, clever engineering.   The follow focus is silky smooth with absolutly no backlash… feels like a precision instrument.  I know I sound like I'm sponsored by Lanparte, (and I wish I was), but I am just a big fan of their products.


      A big thing to look at (which seems small at first) is make sure your lens support, handles, follow focus, and bridge accessory clamps that span two rods "Clip" on to the rods rather than have to slide over the ends of the rods.  This seems like a small convenience, but it is really big when you are on a shoot, decide to change lenses, and realize that you now need to unbolt everything on the front of the rig just to add a lens bridge or move your follow focus.  If everything clips onto the rods, you just loosten the piece and pop it off the rig.  Again, seems like a small thing but it is really important for a versatile rig.


      As I mentioned above, is a great place to buy Lanpart and their own excellent branded hardware.  


      IMHO, and this is just my opinion… the most popular name-brand rigs (for example, Zacuto) in the states are horribly overpriced…. horribly.  If you are interested, a year ago I wrote a quick blog about the Zacuto vs Lanparte (when I had just discovered Lanparte)…

      Scroll down the page a bit to find the "DSLR Review" blog.


      Also, I had bought an "affordabe" Marshall CT-7 monitor for $500.  Turned out to be a piece of crap.  I had been hearing about the Ruige monitors and ended up buying one for $299 (as seen in my video).  It makes the Marshall look like a toy in build quality and overall functionality.


      Hopefully some of this helps.

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