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      I’m a tech savvy beginner. I’m recording video using two different devices. One is a canon video cam corner and the other is an Android phone. The camcorder is preset to go to youtube. The smart phone will upload to anything. First, this uploading takes way too long. Why? How do I make this process quick? The camcorder takes like two hours for 1 video of 10 minutes. Second, the smartphone video only uploads quickly to facebook. Everything else takes an hour or longer even for 2-3 minutes video.

      Lastly I want to edit my videos but what software can a newbie use?
      Your advice is appreciated, thanks.

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      I use Pinnacle studio, have used Sony Vegas, and Adobe Premier.
      I learned on Pinnacle Pro, it does HD, mutable track, multi camera, and lots of effects, so I have stuck with it and probably will upgrade to version 20 ultimate.
      It takes time to learn but worth it, after editing and exporting to MOV file formate on PC, uploading a full 1080p 5 min song video takes about 30 min to upload to YouTube. But that’s Youtubes upload throttling.
      Some samples can be viewed at

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