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      Just had a few questions I had as a beginner and someone who is hoping to reach a professional level as a video editor. I have a –Thanks in advance to any and all answers:

      ok so

      1) Well I have a mac, so what's best for my needs? Should I learn on Imovie, or will I not be able to advance to a "pro" level on it, and should I just invest in something that I can use all the way down the road to producing stuff at that level?

      2) Are there any special effects programs that can be used to make professional looking videos that are resonably priced?

      3) Is there a technical assistance program or something that I can use to call for help that works with these programs^^

      4) Are there any books, videos, etc that you would reccomend to help me learn things that I need to become a great video editor?


      Thanks again or all answers


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