Beginner looking at DSLRs for shooting video

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      Hi guys,

      So I know absolutely nothing about photography or videography, But I want to learn. I started a youtube channel and I’m looking at buying either a Canon T5i or T6i in a ‘video creator’ starter kit that includes a “EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM” lens, as well as a microphone and other accessories.

      I’m looking at this for doing vlog videos, as well as in a few months some skit material that would involve me interviewing people, a bit like:


      and other stuff like having the camera focus on me walking within a crowd, parkour (action shots I guess?) and the like.

      Am I looking in the right direction with this camera? What problems might I anticipate if I just had this equipment, and most of important of all, what is the best resource to start learning about DSLRs, lenses, ISOs, white balance, and all this stuff?

      Really appreciate your time here guys, cheers

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