Batch change video to have audio in both ears?

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      I have about 60 videos.. there's only audio in the left ear.. is there any batch software I can convert them so the sound goes through both left and right? I want to watch these videos not just on my computer, but my tablet/phone, and I sometimes watch them on my television.


      I've got PowerDirecter 11.


      I don't want to do them one by one, nor do I want to extract the audio, edit it and rejoin it.

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      Don't know Power Director.  In Avid, you can link to QuickTime files without taking the time to import, but you'd still have to edit them on a timeline.  Simply create a stereo track on the edit side and set your pan to zero (or slightly to one side if you want a simulated stereo effect).


      I know that's not the answer you're looking for but perhaps it'll give you some info, pending replies by other users.

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