Basics of Audio and Video Syncing

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      I've skimmed over the topics posted but didn't see one regarding my question. Let me start by saying hello to everyone. My name is Jeremy, I've subscribed to the newsletter for years but this is my first time participating in the forums. I hope I can contribute my knowledge as much as I ask help from all of you.

      I'm not new to video editing but I'm by no means an expert. I'm still very new at much of this. Recently I took on my first job syncing audio for a short film that was shot on RED cameras. I've synced audio and video before but this one was a little different. None of the shots were marked properly, so all I had to go on was someone clapping and saying the scene (many shots didn't even give me that much). There was no apparent coding to the clip titles so I spent two weeks reading lips trying to match audio to video and then I used the method of dropping a marker where the hands came together and where the audio clap was (where possible). 

      Long story short I'm pretty much done syncing everything and I think I've got it far more organized than it was. The next step is to get the synced footage to the editor. My question is, what is the typical workflow for doing this?

      Right now I've merged the 6 mono channels of each audio file and labeled them, then brought the audio and video into a sequence and saved it synced as a sequence. FYI, I'm working with Premiere CC on a PC.

      Should I just give him a drive with all of the clips organized in their folders and a folder with the synced sequences or is there a certain way I'm supposed to save these out for the editor? Or even a better way? I want the editor to have the easiest time possible figuring out each thing and I want him to be able to easily adjust the audio if he needs to. I've carefully labeled each sequence and clip to match the scene and take and a short note about what the sequence contains. Any advice on what my next move is would be GREATLY appreciated. I want to make an impression on these guys so that they will let me in on the next project as well.

      Thank you in advance.

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