Balkan mountain range trip video advice

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      hi, this is my first travel video edit. tried to do a edit to music. shoot with canon 80d and Xiaomi Yi Action Camera.

      every comment (critique) is very welcome.

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      Nice, but a little too much of the ‘driving’ shots off the top for my liking. I’m wanting to see mountains as the headline suggests, but instead only see cars and roads for more than a minute. Also did not like the ending shot – too distant to really pick up those people on the trail. But lots of cool, interesting shots throughout and well edited to the pace of the music beat.

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      thanks. for too much driving shots there are 2 reasons. first i just got the action cam and it looks interesting to me πŸ™‚ and second because of my knee problem i did less hiking so i was lacking of more nice nature videos. i agree the ending shot is too distant (longest lens was 135mm jupiter) but i left because i thought it will be cool for my friends (they were going down the mountain). ass i now see i fell in to a trap of “for who is the video made” and i have less video for the “other” people.
      thanks for your comment, it is hard to get any feedback on filming and editing.

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