Bad Audio? Let Us Clean It Up For You!

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      Audio Rehab provides affordable audio cleanup services for video professionals!

      We can clean extraneous noises from location audio, including AC noise, ground hum, car rumbles. We can easily remove recording mistakes such as plosives (popped P’s), room noise and even distortion! We also restore archival recordings and telephone calls to hi fidelity!

      Our service is extremely helpful for freelancers who just need a touch up here or there and can’t spend a fortune! Check out our website (

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      You can also contact me directly at!

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      AvatarSpace Racer

      Sounds like an angel whispered in your ear and told you to come here. I don’t have time to learn another $%^&*@#@$ technology so as long as your rates are reasonable…. I’m going to check out your website.

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