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      AvatarSatan Claus

      My next video will include footage within this frame
      but I need to remove all the white and have no idea how.

      Any recommended programs to use?

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      What NLE Video Editing Program are you using? if you using one that does Green Screen or Chroma Key, simply apply it to track this image sits on and then use the eyedropper to choose the white.
      I would USE Kdenlive, it works on Linux and Windows. And it is free Program to download and use.

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      Chroma key looks like a good solution at first glance. However, there appears to be a great deal of white in the pink that makes up the frame. I suspect that key will strip out this white along with the white center. Worth a try, though. Tinker with the degree of key — it may take several passes — and see if you can preserve the white/pink in the frame.

      You might try masking out the white center or bring it in to Paintshop Pro or Photoshop and clean it out there.

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      If all you want to do is make the ‘hole’ on the inside of the pink frame transparent, just cut it out in photoshop or similar and then overlay this over the video? Not sure quite why this is a problem, it’s very simple and no need for keying at all – things like png format have a transparent background, so anything that can cut holes will do the trick.

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      If you do not have Photoshop, GIMP, a free alternative can do the same thing.

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