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      I’d appreciate any advice. I film my son’s basketball games, I then edit into a short 3 min. clip highlighting all the players. I also send a link to all the players, parents, coach.
      I’m wondering if there is music I can use and where do I find it? I did read some of the copyright laws but it’s a lot to take in. I need it simplified if anyone can help me. Thank you!

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    Hi there,
    You can go to and find music that you can mostly do anything with. However, my experience there is that it’s often difficult to comb through the thousands of songs to find something that is just right for what you’re doing.
    If you happen to be a Mac user, you can try Filmstro, which will allow you to take a track template and customize it to fit your video. You can check that out at
    Otherwise, there is a plethora of sites where you can purchase licenses for popular copyrighted music, like But you may find these licenses a little pricey for what you want to do.
    I hope this information helps you.

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    As long as you’re a YouTube member, they have a lot of music on their site that’s free to use. Some of it doesn’t require any attribution while some it gives a specific credit that must be used. Either way, it’s free and that’s always good πŸ™‚


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    Check out Music Two Hues and Music Bakery for buy-out music. You can preview music from these sources and they have some very good material.

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    My go-to site for royalty-free music for videos is:

    They have a great selection there – hope this helps πŸ™‚

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    Users might want to check out that link, the address the site is registered at also provides hosting and various web services and some comments are less than complimentary – their media tracks are also quite expensive. No doubt excellent, but ressurecting old topics seems to be their onloy contribution to this forum to push the same site – which for me, is enough reason to cast doubts. 

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