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      I'm making some educational videos for vidual artists.  They will typically be 30 minutes or 1 hour long.   I want to have background musis. 


      I'm familiar with the various "royalty free" services and, first of all, the pieces they sell are too short, (unless you use Smartsound or something similar to stitch them together into Frankemuzak) and second, they mostly sound like the modern equivalent of elevator music.   So I want to use real music – classical or jazz  – and I want to learn the process to licence it and pay the appropriate royalties through BMI or ASCAP. 


      I've asked this question on a couple of other videography forums that supposedly cater to professionals and it's totally stumped them.    So where can I learn the basics of doing this?


      Thanks in advance.

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      You can license real music thru sites like and 

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      You need to find out who the publisher of the piece you want to use is and contact them directly.


      If the publisher of the piece uses a 3rd party service for licensing then they will let you know. 


      The publisher will also let you know if the piece if covered by ASCAP or BMI. Then you need to contact ASCAP or BMI to get cue sheets or whatever you need to do.


      The first step is sending an email to the publisher, that is the standard process.

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      You can license real music thru sites like and


      No, I mean licensing the rights to actual, commercial music.  The websites you mention are short little excerpts a few minutes long mostly purpose-made and selected to license to videographers and other media producers.   


      There are a zillion recordings of Chopin etudes and nocturnes, or the Bach cello suites, out there on the web or for sale online.  So I want to know how to arrange licensing for those.    Obviously it would be cheaper to license a performance on an obscure label by some conservatory student in Madrid, than by Yo-Yo Ma on Sony Records, so I'll take the cheap one, please.  


      As I said in my original posting , these are 30 or 60 minute videos  –  just models doing 1, 2 or 5 minute gesture poses.   Art students spend years practing from poses like this and many studios and schools have music playing in the background so I want to simulate that experience on the video.




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