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      I have a JVC GR-D720 Mini DV Camcorder. I accidentally plugged my headphone jack into the camcorders a/v socket mistaking it for the headphone socket.


      Will this do any damage (electrical or any other) to the camcorder???????


      Im slightly worried as when i did plug it in; there was sound in the headphones but very distorted crackling sound in the headphones.


      I hope i have not done anything to damage the camcorder

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      Nah.  You should be fine.  It's far more likely that you would damage a driver in the headphones but I'm willing to be lunch that there is no damage.


      From the land of really fun things to do when you are bored, try plugging a cheap dynamic mic into a headphone jack and a pair of headphones into a mic input.  Odd but true, each will work in the "opposite" direction.  Just make sure it's a dynamic mic that you really don't care about, phantom power is turned off, etc.

      Also for you geeks who remember 1" tape, if you threaded the tape backwards, the picture would play back upside down.


      Ahh, good times.



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