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      I am looking to do an audio voiceover, on a video I am creating for a small business (brief intro kinda thing) however the person doing the voice over is not near my computer.
      What is the best way for them to record the voiceover  ?
      Do you put the voice track down first and then weave in the video or vice versa ?
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      My preference is to lay down the voice track first, making sure that your talent leaves some space at the end of each sentence and a longer space after each paragraph. This gives you flexibiity in the edit suite.



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      How do you plan to record the voice?  Myself, I just use my camcorder (shotgun mic).  That way, you are able to choose exactly where you want to record. 


      I wholeheartedly agree with Mike too.

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      I do a different type, mostly private travelogue, type video.  So I edit the video section, then play back with sound muted and record into a Zoom H4 while watching.  If you have a set script, record the voice first, then work the two (video & audio) together and adjust.  Use a very good quality mic as it makes all the difference; but doesn't have to be expensive.  Digital voice recorders, esp Zoom brand, are not too costly.  Record the voice as if the person was giving a seminar on the subject, but be careful of the boring monotone reading script syndrome.  Then move your video clips around to match.  But don't be afraid to edit the voice track as well as the video.  Sometimes you can show a clip that gives better info than the voice.  If you make the audience work just a little tiny bit to follow you, they'll pay more attention than if it's easy and they get bored and distracted.  Use gaps in the audio sometimes to show a pertinent clip.  Experiment with music under and raise volume during the voice gaps.  Royalty free music has a wide variety of choices.  The basic concepts still rule for prduct video – have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  Try to create a bit of drama or have a surprise or two.  It's very, very hard to pull off, but add a little comedy once in a while.  Use a lot of close-ups as these bring your audience into your production emotionally, even for products.  Want some inspiration?  Watch a commercial, esp a Superbowl commercial, for ideas on how to hold interest and how long a clip stays on screen before a cut.  Watch a movie or TV show, but from a different perspective.  Most of the audience will be following the story and the action.  You should be watching for ratio of close-ups to medium and wide shots, how many seconds between cuts (count silently as you watch), and how music adds to the experience.  Record some ambient room sound to cut into the non-talking sections.  Every recording environment has a different background sound characteristic.  Do everything you can to make your productions hold interest.  Whether entertaining, informing, or selling, you'll accomplish your mission better with a good production.

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