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      I would like to upgrade from my dslr internal mic (nikon d5100). I am planning on shooting mostly documentaries, interviews, and some outdoor sport, eventually short fictions. I would like to spend as less as possible but still get good quality audio.
      Should I be better with a good external recorder with internal mics (zoom h4n pro, tascam dr-70d), a less good external recorder with entry level external shotgun (tascam dr-60d mkii + 200$ shotgun (wich one?)), or only a good shotgun with XLR to 3.5mm adapter (rode ntg2, rode ntg4+ (other suggestion with battery power?)). In the last case, would a simple cable be good , or would I need an adapter/mixer ?
      In any case I would also have a lavalier for interviews. I am also a bit hesitating between a shotgun and a small diaphragm condenser. I know diaphragm are more for indoors, but I heard they could also be used outdoor.

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