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           I use Power Director 12 and has the following problem. I can not drop "constant power" or "constant volume" audio transition to both sides of the seam between two clips: icon always lands at one (left or right) side. Hence, I do not have true transition – just complete fade-out at the end of left clip and then fade-in form zero starting at the beginning of the right clip.

           Besides,  this AUDIO transition engages video transition, i.e. there is no difference between video transition "cross-fade" and mentioned above audion transition.


        PD2 forum can not help.

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    Frank, I'm not sure what models of current cameras you need but you do want one with a mic input and mic levels. You'd want a lav, preferably directional. If you have decided on software, load it up on your laptop and go camera shopping. You'll probably do the monitoring in 'capture' mode of the software.  Your camera will also need some control over the exposure for indoor shots, especially if your interviewee sits by the window. Bring a large reflector too. Auto white balance isn't always the best for window shots so some control over that would be good. 

    Good luck! 

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