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      I filmed a wedding recently and the seperate audio track did not record properly for the dances. I still have the audio from the camera, but this was closer to the guests than the speakers, and the talking on it is far too loud.

      I want to keep the audio track from the camera for ambient crowd noise but overlay the studio version of the song over it to make the song itself louder than the talking. I have downloaded the song that they used and synced it up perfectly, but the version on the wedding dance seems to be playing faster than the studio version that I have. Thinking they were using a different version of the song, I asked for a link to the exact song that they played and they linked me to a youtube video of the song. I ripped the audio from that video but it is still slower than the version that I filmed…

      What could be causing this? And is there any way of fixing it?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated? Cheers

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      There can be several reasons for your problem. The most likely is that the DJ’s equipment played the music at a slightly faster or slower than the equipment you are using to play the CD. Or perhaps your camera recorded at a slightly different speed than the source material.

      In any case, you should be able to adjust the speed using your editing program. Sony Vegas, for example, permits change in playback speed without changing pitch; I imagine other programs do as well. You may also be able to alter the speed of the dance — i.e., of the video. However, if that doesn’t work, you may have to break up the song and try to re-sync each segment with the dance. It will take some tinkering, but you should be able to fix this.

      Finally, you don’t have to show the entire dance; you can always cut away to people watching the dance. This will allow you to adjust small portions of the dance/music without the adjustments being obvious.

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      One thing I do occationally on music video’s is start the video segment with the camera sound and synce the very beginning, fade the camera audio slowly, while increasing the desired music or clean track. It gives the cleaner sound but keeps the video from being disconnected and more natural.
      I run sound and record most acts on the 32 track recording gear, but I usually add a room mic so there is audiance track as well, so I a can add in room or ambiance if the camera sound is not usable.
      Of course with my recording rig and cameras both being digital, once synced it stays synced.
      A good example of this is at end of this music video.

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      I suppose my answer was more future proofing remedy than fix for your problem.
      The DJ simply could have squed the tempo, as many DJ consoles can do with out changing pitch.
      Easy way to fix is stop watch time the dance music, and then in audio editor change the real track time to match, if you are sure you using the same recording.

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