Audio Recorder for 360 and VR Video?

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      Hey all,
      I’m looking to explore some VR and 360 video projects I’ve been dreaming up. Any advice on where to start with the audio recording?

      I found this on indiegogo:

      At $499 the Twirling720 seems like a good start, what do you think?

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      Hey there,

      This is Micah at Zoom, and I’d be happy to share a few products that we have to offer…hopefully in not a too shill-y kind of way.

      The H2n Handy Recorder ( is equipped with both X/Y and Mid-Side microphones. Not only does it have two different stereo modes to choose from, you can run all mics to record 4-channel surround sound. And with the latest firmware upgrade, you can export Spatial Audio files (with Left/Right/Front/Back…no top/bottom) that can be natively imported into Google’s JUMP VR platform. This handheld recorder can capture surround sound for VR/360 and it goes for $159.99…a good way to get started, less expensive than the Twirling recorder, and with great Zoom sound.

      If you have your own mics, you can use the Zoom H6 (, $349.99) to record up to 6 inputs.

      If you require professional-filmmaking types of features, super-low-noise mic preamps, and Time Code, you could use the Zoom F4 (, $649.99) with 6 inputs, 8 tracks or the Zoom F8 (, $999.99) with 8 inputs, 10 tracks.

      Any questions, hit me here or contact Happy hunting!

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      Hey Micah, thanks for the response and all the info!

      I’ve got a question for you.

      Does the H2n recorder record with ambisonics? I’ve seen the H2n before coupled with a mic similar to the Twirling in the Bramha Mic:

      What does the Bramha add to the H2n it’s based on?

      Seems like the Twirling is similar in build and functionality to the Bramha + H2n rig, so how can the H2n perform the same on its own?


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      Hey VisforVictor ~

      The H2n records with its built-in X/Y + Mid-Side mic configuration to record four-channel surround sound. The Brahma Mic was not a sanctioned partnership with Zoom and is “off reservation” as it were, so I can’t really speak to what their technology brings to the table.

      With the latest firmware update it creates 360-degree “Spatial Audio” files, the surround sound format native to the google JUMP Virtual Reality Platform. Using “Spatial Audio” mode, you can create a single four-channel, multi-track WAV file that includes Omni, Left/Right, and Forward/Backward tracks. This Spatial Audio file is then ready to be combined with 360-degree VR videos recorded with the google JUMP compatible camera rig (such as the GoPro Odyssey or Ricoh Theta). Once completed, the immersive videos are ready to upload to YouTube.

      Hope this helps,

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      Hi VisforVictor,
      Thanks for your question. Twirling720 provides native Ambisonic recording that generates First Order Ambisonic B format (w,x,y,z), which includes height information. Zoom H2n is a good product, one difference is it doesn’t have the Z channel, i.e. missing the height information. So it depends on your needs.
      With the companion software Twirling720 Studio, you can create Youtube compatible VR videos as simple as it can be.
      Happy recording!
      Twirling Team Support

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      Hi everyone,
      really informative sharing. I have found this from so, I would like to advice this reliable source.

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