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      Evening All,


      I have to admit I haven't used this site as much as I should have, but hopefully I will start to use it more now πŸ˜‰ Also, apologies if this is in the wrong section.


      I am currently upgrading my inventory as such and one item that I've been looking for but have been unable to locate. That item is a decent audio recorder. And I was wondering if anyone could point me in the correct direction. (I must add, that I have been searching for a while on a few websites, but my internet is being absolutely stupid and search engines – such as google – aren't loading at all, so there may be an obvious site which I've missed)


      With regards to the actual recorder there are a few specs that it must be able to fufill.


      – Must be able to record high quality stereo from a microphone input(s)

      – Must have a real time output for headphones

      – Must have a long battery life and/or removable rechargeable battery

      – Must be less that £100

      – Must be easily portable

      – Must have a large memory (< 20 Hours) or removable memory.


      Thanks a million in advance!



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      Hey there Shakey,  I'll second Bill's opinion above.  The Zoom H1 is a great little audio recording device.  Here's a little video I put together recently showing how we use it to get great audio.






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      Hi shakey – it sounds like you're looking for a £74 Zoom H1 recorder.  I have one, and it meets all of your requirements (with the addition of an inexpensive removable micro SD card).





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      I;ve been using a zoom h2 for a few years now it records onto an sd card and links too the computer via mini usb. i've been thinking of picking up an h1 as a back updeice.

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      I've got a zoom H4n and their great but if I had to buy now i'd get the Tascam DR-60D

      it's just that much more suited to real world use and it's got some real nice features.


      QUICK LOOK :

      WEB PAGE :

      REVIEW ;


      Hope it helps ~ pete

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      I have to recommend the Tascam D40. It uses three AA as opposed to two in most of the others mentioned. As is, it has much better battery life that my Zoom H4N. I also have the external battery pack which provides you with another 6 AA. It can take XLR and line input. It has one unique feature I really like. It records two stereo files at the same time: one at your best guess at a level and a second safety at -6db (or whatever you set). This is a life saver for me because I record live theatre and it something goes unexpectedly, I'm covered. The Tascam is also cheaper that the Zoom H4N. 

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