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      Hi everyone.
      My name is Vince and I am a total newbie to video. I have been in the still business but I am actively working with my church to post youtube videos of our Liturgy and services. I am using a Panasonic HC-V770 camera because I can control the camera from our choir loft. I am also the cantor for the church. The Priest just installed a new PA system (Bose) and the installers gave us a line out for direct recording. My only problem is the PA system is on the opposite side of the Altar from where the priest will allow me to place the camera. I connected the PA system to the camera with a long cord, but our priest is afraid he will trip on the cord while walking around the alter. Is there a way to connect the PA system to the camera without the long wire. I cannot place the camera on the left side of the alter which is next to the PA system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      I would just get a Digital Audio Recorder (DAR) and set it hooked to the Audio line out. Before the service starts, start the DAR, then stand near a MIC and with the camera pointed at you, clap your hands, this will help later, on the video editing platform you use. At this point leave the camera recording, do not shut it off at any point until service is over. Shot the service, the transfer the Video and Audio to a computer. Open your Video Editing Program. Put the Video and Audio on the time line and then find the clap on both the Audio and Video, line them up. Once that is done, you cut both the Audio and Video at the point you want to start the service/ Put any titles and or ending bits and credits the render it out.

      Or you could just get some wide tape and place the cable under it, that way it won’t trip anyone.

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