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      I need to mic an interview with the interviewer and interviewee on camera like a talk show (David letterman, daily show, ect.) I would like to use at least two cameras to switch back and forth between the interviewer and interviewee.  I am interested in using a lavalier mic for each person because of the freedom of movement and to lower some of the background noise in the room. The wireless systems by Sennheiser (for example) are out of my price range but perhaps a lavalier mic wired an external system would work? Are there some stereo options out there or maybe plugging each mic into something like a zoom h1 and putting it in each person's pocket? Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks! 

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      Well you don't know unless you try. I use the two Sennheisers now for the setup you describe but before that I have wired lav's going to the cameras. I use H1's for other projects and know they will do a good job as you described. I've also used a shotgun on the floor pointed at the talent but the lav's worked best. Actually, the wired lav's have the cleanest sound overall but I like the flexibility of wiring up the talent and let them wander if they need to before the shooting begins.

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      Putting Zoom in pocket is great idea, except you can't monitor the sound.  First rule of audio is to monitor.  Maybe rent a G3 setup?  Maybe plant a mic and run hidden cable to camera as backup.  This would also help in synching the sound.  I am assuming that you don't have the money, people, skills for a boom op. 


      Hope this helps

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      If the budget is tight, Radio Shack sells a decent wired lavalier microphone for maybe $30-40, and you'll also want to get a "headphone extension cable" so that the wire will reach your camcorder. If you record to a digital recorder, as mentioned you can't monitor to know what you are recording, plus you also then have to sync the audio later in post. The lav option would seem best suited to your needs. Nice thing is no dropouts/hiss that one can get with a wireless, just nice clean sound.





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      What's your budget?

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      If you're shooting a sit-down interview, a wired lavalier can work just fine. I've used Audio Technica Pro 70 lavs (about $100 each) for a while now, and I've been quite pleased with them. A wired mic will almost always provide higher sound quality than a wireless mic, and the money I saved on the ATs let me add a good production mixer (MixPre-D) to my setup. I am really happy with the results that I get. If I absolutely can't run cables back to the camera, I use a Tascam recorder behind the talent, with the same mics. But I've only had to do that a couple of times.

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      I agree with Laguna Hiker, I use AT Pro 70 with excellent results.

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      If your budget doesn't run to $100 mics (and yes, there are those of us out there without even THAT much budget) you could use the Audio-Technica ATR-3350.


      They have a 20 foot cord, record in stereo, and can be had for $20 on eBay. I use these all of the time and have never had a complaint.


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