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      A friend of mine gave me a Xenyx 802 and a CAD GXL2200sp studio condenser mic since he was upgrading.  Since I'm just a high school film student I'm not real familiar with this equipment.  I was just using the school's lavalier mics. How can I learn how to use this equipment with my Canon XF100?

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      Hi Almostdone987,

           Probably the best way to learn how to use it all is to just play around with it.  Experiment.  Google is also a really good way to search for information specific to the devices that you're using.

           That being said, your camera already has inputs for all of these devices.  The only reason you may need to use the 802 is if you are going to be using multiple mics simultaneously, and you need them all to be blended to one single signal to be fed into the camera.  Otherwise, I would just plug your mic directly into the camera.

           If you do need to use the 802, like I said before, experiment with it.  You have 8 channels.  Each audio device will take up 1 channel.  Without even involving the camera, plug your mics into the appropriate channels.  Each channel will have it's own volume and other adjustment knobs.  Plug a set of headphones into the 802, and play with the controls to see what effects they have on your audio.  Just be sure to keep your volume knobs low, so that if you do something that has an undesired effect, you won't blast out your ear drums.  🙂

           I hope this helps.  I also happen to have an 802, and I've been pleased with it for the most part.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

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