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      Hello, how I can I fix audio drift in Premiere Pro CC? The audio gets more and more out of sync as video plays on the original video. Can’t find anything worthwhile on Google. Thanks

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      Is your video file and your sequence you selected the same frame rate?

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      How about a little more information. How are you acquiring the audio and video? That is, are both being recorded in-camera or are you using two devices, one to capture the video and one for the audio?
      It’s very unusual for video and audio from a single source having the lack of sync you’re describing.

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      I think what Jack had in mind, and what we all appreciate in a post, is reading about what you’ve tried and the result of that effort. So for instance, does the clip work when you play it on your computer? If not, what player did you use, which did you try? What does the supplier of the clip say? Is your computer OS updated, is your video card driver updated, are you using the most recent codec’s?

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      Kevin Mc

      ^ adding to the above comments – we really need to know if the A/V sources were recorded on different devices, which devices / settings… etc. I understand that sometimes it’s impossible to reference the source equipment on older, or questionable source recordings – so tell us what you know and we’ll try to help.

      If the audio and video were somehow out of sync, there may be a way to fix it in sony vegas (sorry, not a premier user here), but vegas will allow you to mark the audio and video at various points, then manually restretch (or shrink) the audio track w/o changing its pitch.

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      Thanks for your help. The video is a video deposition from a court reporting company. They do not have any info on the videographer so I have no way to find out the device/settings.

      The original clip has the audio drift. I’ve tested in Windows Media Player and VLC. It’s an issue with the original file not with my computer. I just want to fix it in Premiere.


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      Well then, you don’t have a lot of options. I just read elsewhere that one user changed his file extension from mp4 to mov and it worked. Another user tried a product called handbrake. I’ve never used handbrake but I have change a file extension and it worked for a different problem.
      This is what I’d try next.
      1. If the audio is visibly (on the timeline) longer than the video, I would ‘unlink’ (right click on video file) and then hover the mouse over the video to determine it’s length and then right click on audio, select duration, and enter the same time value as the video. If that didn’t work….
      2.Try it the other way, stretch the video using the ‘duration’ feature. If that didn’t work…
      3. I’d try a little slicing and dicing of the quiet sections to line up the audio. If that’s too much work…
      4. Download a trial version of Sony Vegas to determine if the option mentioned above will work for you. If that’s too much of a hassle…
      5. Let us know how it goes. Each time you post more people look at your problem. Although it seems impossible that the two can go out of sync, it does happen and it’s a miserable issue to deal with.

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      Yes, both the same frame rate.

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      I’m not certain of the source of the video. I was just hoping to fix it in Premiere.

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