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      Here is the link to my video, i need to insert English translation text starting at the minute

      If you can take few seconds of your time to listen to it, and guide me on how and what application i can use to fix this distorted audio if it can be fixed.

      Looking forward to


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      A friend of mind who produced my 2 musical CDs, told me about “SoundSoap”. SoundSoap tries to fix a number of things including crackles, background noise, hiss, hums etc. It also attempt to correct distortion. I got the software (not that expensive, for Mac and Windows). I’ve played with the distortion a little. It does help, but did not totally take it away, and I’m not surprised at that. But, I really haven’t played with it too much, so it might be able to do a better job for me with more experience. I will say that if you look at the new wave form (in a editing audio program), you no longer see the flat clipping/distortion of the wave form, it looks normal. Check out their website.

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