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      I have produced a series of videos, some for fun, some to promote various products or events. I recorded the most part of the audio on a zoom H2 recorder in Wav format. I edited them in final cut, exporting to h.264 before uploading to Vimeo or Youtube (same problem on both). My problem is that on some devices, the audio recorded on the zoom just comes out very quiet and scrambled (when streamed off the net); ie. the audio is perfect until you get to a zoom audio clip, which is inaudible. The playbeck on other devices (including my own computer) is perfect. I'm convinced it must be a compression issue but I can't get the the bottom of it! Any advise would be much appreciated. 

      Here's a link to an affected video: 




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      Pardon my cynicism . . . . but are you posting your problem as a means to get more viewers? I don't hear any audio problems . . .


      Rick Crampton

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      Hi Giles,


      i listened to the audio in your video and it seems ok… i don't quite understand the problem….



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      I just watched you video also, I didn't hear any sound problems either, you might change you sound format to mp3 for uploads, its adds more compresssion, but the videos I upload sound fine.

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